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White Story
Because we understand the importance of the tissues in your life, we worked on finding the purest of tissues manufactured from 100% pure cellulose fibers, worthy of being in the pack you hold now.
We focused on the pack design by introducing new innovative and unique designs that suit all environments, including your home, office and car.
Your convenience is important to us so we designed our pack with easy-open capability and sterilization on international standards, supporting every need and looking after you on the go with its fast absorption.
White Tissues become part of your life and share your memories,
together no matter what White Tissues knows the value of its holder.

Duplex 100 Classic

Duplex 200 Classic

Duplex 200 SmallFlower

Duplex 200 Embossed

Duplex 300 Classic

Duplex 300 Smallflower

Duplex 300 Embossed

Duplex 300 Select

Flexi 120 SmallFlower

Flexi 300 Oriental

Flexi 450 Circles

Flexi 550 Roses

Duplex 750 SunFlower

Oriental Cube

Kids Cube

Select Cube

Auto Cup
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